What should i do after a water leak?

As soon as you notice the leak, turn off the main water valve. Move and clean clothes and carpets. File your insurance claim as quickly as possible. Document all items that have been damaged.

While water leaks may be considered less devastating than fire damage, even a small water leak on your property can cause significant damage that will be very costly to mitigate. When a water leak worsens, it can cause mold, stains and waterlogged drywall. So, if you can't stop a water leak right away, it's wise to contact professional water damage repair services to prevent further damage. Regardless of whether it's a minor or major water leak, it's crucial to treat any water leak quickly.

Here are some essential tips for cleaning your home after water damage to minimize the risk of personal injury. Our water damage repair team at Disaster Doctors in SLC, Utah, will use sophisticated disaster restoration machinery to perform several tests to locate the leak. We use a Flir E5 thermal imager to detect leaks in pipes behind walls or floors, or we perform a salt analysis to determine if mold has started to grow. A moisture meter will help determine the extent of damage caused by mold and identify the source by analyzing moisture maps.

Once the property is completely dry, it's time to start cleaning, disinfecting, and restoring damage. The restoration project depends on the magnitude of the damage caused by the water leak. For example, you may need a simple job of dismantling and replacing wallpaper for a small water leak, or replacing expensive flooring and carpentry. In fact, plastering and replacing structural wood, such as floor beams, can be very expensive and, therefore, it is important to have the right insurance policy.

Whether it's a leaky pipe or a flooded basement, the top priority is to identify the source and prevent more water from escaping. In fact, water damage can ruin your home faster than you think. Within the first 24 hours after a leak or flood, mold can form, damage floors, walls and electrical systems, and even structural problems. That's why it's always best to quickly hire a water cleaning professional near you to consult and repair you.

If your favorite chair is completely soaked, you may need to say goodbye to porous materials, which are highly susceptible to water damage and can form mold. Once you have established that it is safe to re-enter the house, the faster the cleaning and restoration of water damage is carried out, the better. However, if the water damage is near the switch box, appliances, or electrical outlets, call an experienced professional to ensure safety. After replacing any damaged floor, you should re-seal it with new putty (and paint, when appropriate) to prevent future water damage problems.

So how can I clean up water damage? Are you still asking yourself that question? At Disaster Doctors, we provide a wide range of drying and water damage restoration services in Salt Lake City, UT. A water leak in your home can have many possible sources, so identifying where the water is coming from can be tricky. If the leak is in the roof, water could enter through the ceilings and damage the insulation and wooden beams. The most common sources of leaks include rusted and corroded pipes, high water pressure, extreme temperatures, broken water connectors, and more.

They will assess the level of water damage and assess the amount of work needed to safely return your home to being habitable. In addition to regularly checking pipes and taking extra precautions when it's cold (a major cause of water leaks in the home), many people choose to invest in a water security system. You may think that water damage is related to major natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and monsoons, but it can happen when there are leaks in your home, either from an old pipe, from a clogged gutter, or even from condensation from the air conditioner. If you leave water damage on for too long, your insurance may not cover it, and the cost of water damage to your home could be high.

As for mold, it starts to grow within 24 hours after moisture is introduced into the air, even with minimal water damage. To minimize water damage caused by a major leak or flood in your home, the restoration process should ideally begin within 24 hours. . .

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