How long does it take for water to cause structural damage?

You'll notice signs such as bumps, cracks, and swelling on affected furniture or drywall. That's why you should contact a professional water damage repair provider as soon as you detect a leak. Stagnant water must be removed as quickly as possible. Water can penetrate walls and cause more damage.

Stagnant water can contain bacteria and mold that can cause health problems. Okay, the worst possible scenario for clean water to damage your home is within the hour. Rugs are extremely difficult to clean because the fabric absorbs water and mold growth is common in carpet fibers. If water damage is left untreated for days, the wood will begin to warp and split, ruining wooden floors and permanently damaging wooden building materials.

In addition, metal surfaces may start to tarnish and furniture may swell and crack after a day of exposure to water. For example, people may start to have respiratory problems, such as bronchitis or asthma, so treating water damage is essential. Some furniture can be safely dried as long as the water hitting it is clean and it dries inside and out immediately. Water damage also causes serious structural damage to the building, putting it at risk of eventually collapsing.

To contain the spread of mold and bacteria caused by water damage and minimize the risk of more serious damage, repair and restoration activities should begin within the first 24 to 48 hours. If you live near the ocean, you must be very careful to prevent metal objects from rusting after a flood or being damaged by water. It's important that you know what steps to take and who to call for help during the first few hours if your water has suffered new or significant damage. If you've just experienced a natural disaster or noticed a faulty appliance, check the gutters, attic, and basement for excess water.

They can then spread quickly, posing a serious health hazard to your health and your family before they are aware of mold caused by water damage. It's never a good idea to try to clean up water damage on your own, no matter how small the damage seems. Water damage is so common because it has many possible sources, some of which cannot be predicted or prevented. Bacteria and fungi will appear in the water and their unpleasant odors will spread throughout the property.

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