How can you tell if there's water damage?

Discoloration, which often appears in the form of stripes that can be short or quite long, that run across the wall in affected areas, rings of water, usually light brown in color, cracked, bubbling or peeling paint. As specialists in the restoration of water damage in the home, we understand. You want the peace of mind of knowing how to detect water damage when it's not obvious. His years of experience include working in the field with his team, helping homeowners and businesses deal with the aftermath of water damage, fire and mold.

When considering buying or renting a home, or when selling a home, it's important to know the signs of water damage or potential water damage. While there is no way to know precisely how long the water damage problem has lasted, there are some ways to diagnose whether the water damage is old or new. Starting outside will make it easier to determine the cause of water damage in your home from outside sources. Use the checklist above to check your basement and pay close attention to the walls for signs of water stains that could indicate a leaky area that requires professional help to fix it.

If water damage is not adequately remedied, mold is more likely to form and a musty smell will penetrate the space. As an expert in the restoration of water damage, Paul Davis understands the problems caused by water damage, especially when they are out of sight. During severe storms, water can build up around your home and cause gradual water damage in the basement. Read on for advice from the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore on how to determine if a home has suffered water damage.

As the founder of ServiceMaster by Zaba in Chicago, Illinois, Diana is certified by the IICRC in the restoration of fire and water damage. Water damage caused by a flood, fire or leak can cause structural problems and cause mold formation, posing a health hazard for home occupants. Not only is your home susceptible to structural damage, but mold can start to grow quickly if it has been damaged by water. Water could be damaged if drywall or paint on the ceiling or walls starts to crack, bubble, or flake.

Basement water damage occurs in many homes and is one of the most common problems for homeowners, whether due to a water heater leak, a foundation leak, or damage caused by a flood caused by a washing machine overflow.

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